Pyrenees 2019 Episode 2

What a great night Wild Camping. It never ceases to amaze me just how stunning the stars can be when they aren’t drowned out by artificial light. Plus, the boar sniffing around Paul’s tent in the early hours of the morning served to remind you that this is getting away from the humdrum of normal life.

So, today we set off to finish “Marper’s Trail” – aptly named from last years trip. But, this time around it’s not so forgiving.

“Marper’s Trail” Comes Back To Haunt Us

Just 90 seconds into the trip, and Paul puts the Disco’s front wheel into a rut. After a bit of back and forth, he’s out and off we go… only to be met with a bog, more that capable of getting both of the vehicles stuck. What’s the answer… plenty of Mumbo!!

Follow our trails on Wikiloc. This year, we recorded each individual day on the TeamOverlandUK account, so you can pick and choose routes, or piece them together for the full journey – or alternatively, hop on over to Paul’s Wikiloc’s account for the full recorded route of everything from this year and 2018.

TeamOverland –

Paul’s –

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