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Follow the Builds


Follow the Builds


Follow the Builds & Modifications

Paul & Chris work tirelessly to try and document all the builds, modifications and alterations to the vehicles as they develop. Each trip brings new challenges and ideas to improve the vehicles that get addressed when the guys return to the workshop. Watch the development of the vehicles unfold each Friday on YouTube, and take a look back at where they started from and the modifications so far. New video released every Friday and bonus videos from time to time on Wednesdays.

  • Fabricating Front & Rear Winch Bumpers

  • Fitting Roof Top Tents

  • Suspension and Drivetrain Upgrades

  • Engine Rebuilds

  • TrayBack Builds

  • Engine Performance Upgrades

  • Raptor Protective Coating Tutorials

  • Workshop Tool Reviews

Whether you’re a lover of the Great British icon, the Landrover, or like your 4×4 to be Japanese or American, there’ll be something here for you. At Raptor’s Garage, we drink way too much coffee and come up with crazy ideas… then break open the hot glue gun, or rather MIG welder, and see if we can build it. Enjoy the ride.

“People don’t always realise what goes into building a bespoke item. You have given us a good insight into some of the equipment needed and why a built item costs so much.”

Gavin Conroy

“WOW you guys are going to be big you don’t even know it yet. Hat’s off to you.”

Shaun McCaw

Bought It… Broke It… Built It…

Nothing stays the same long at Raptor’s Garage… except the cool merchandise!