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October 2019

September 2019

Pyrenees 2019 Episode 2

After a fantastic night Wild Camping, it's time to set off along "Marper's Trail" once again. How will today's adventure go? Well, within 90secs, Paul has had the front wheels in the air, and now theirs a bog to cross that may just be too soft to get the vehicles through. So, stay tuned, it's time to get the cameras out and bring you the action.

Pyrenees 2019 Episode 1

The recent rain has certainly made the trails more interesting. So stick around, watch Ang scream as we push her driving skills in the truck, listen to our thoughts on our first night in the new hard top Tuff-Trek roof top tents, and we get the L200 stuck in the mud.. or rather Ang does... but then we don't have 4 wheel drive... not till Chris fixes it... MacGyver style!!

August 2019

Un-Edited Base Camp Chat Pyrenees 2019

Join Paul, Chris and the 2 Chipmunks for a completely un-edited Base Camp chat at the end of the Pyrenees 2019 adventure. They discuss the pros and the cons of the vehicles, what they would do different next time, give a shout out to a subscriber in Scotland, who chopped his Discovery in two on a whim, and they keep getting interrupted by the two chipmunks just off camera.


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