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August 2019

Beers and CV Joints

What does 6 beers, a CV joint that needs a grinder to remove, deadlines for the next trip approaching and a warm sunny day make for? Paul & Chris in a much more relaxed approach to video making.... enjoy the banter.

Swing Out Wheel Carrier Pt5

The final part in this series of building a custom swing out wheel carrier for the Land Rover Discovery. A huge undertaking and test of Paul's fabrication skills, but it turns out absolutely superb and should be up for the job of the trek across the Pyrenees mountains the following month.


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Raptor’s Garage was the beginning where we brought you the modifications and builds from Paul’s very own garage. Then we grew into Team Overland as we ventured out in the vehicles to explore the Green Lanes of the UK and trails around Europe. Now, we want Team Overland to become the leading standard in the amateur media outlets for EVERYTHING ADVENTURE in a 4X4